7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error

7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error

Many Samsung smartphone users use the Samsung Messages app for messaging, while also using WhatsApp and Telegram for specific contacts and friends. However, some Samsung users encounter an error preventing them from sending messages. When they try to send a message, their phones display a sending error.

While WhatsApp and Telegram are popular for conversations, text messages or SMS are still necessary for tasks such as verifying a phone number or requesting services. If you’re experiencing this error, we can help you fix it.

First, check if your phone is in Airplane mode by mistake, as text messages require a carrier signal to function properly.

1. Network Issue

Network issues can cause problems. Use the Open Signal app to find nearby towers and move closer for a better signal. Are people in the same area with the same carrier getting good coverage? This will help you understand if the issue is on your end (location or phone) or with the mobile carrier.

2. Check Carrier Uptime

The carrier may be undergoing maintenance or experiencing errors causing downtime and Samsung messages not sending. You can check for downtime on Down Detector. If this is the case with your mobile service provider, there’s little you can do.

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3. Reinsert SIM

Eject your SIM card from the tray, wait, then reinsert it to check if this fixes the error on your Samsung phone.

4. Default Messaging App

Which messaging app do you use, and how many have you installed? Some apps like Truecaller offer messaging features and constantly show annoying pop-ups in hopes of persuading you to switch. Often, users are unaware that the messaging feature is included in the app package. Open Samsung Messages app. Did you receive a notification stating that a different app is your default messaging app? You can switch to Samsung Messages on the same screen by tapping OK to confirm. You can also change the default messaging app in Settings > Apps > Messages > Messaging app, where you can select Messages from Samsung. Personally, I prefer SMS Organizer because it surpasses any other app I have ever tried.

4. Deregister iMessage

Have you recently switched from iPhone to Android? The Apple ecosystem uses iMessages, but they won’t work on your Samsung phone or any other Android device. You may need to deregister iMessage on your SIM before sending messages with Samsung.

7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error

Insert the SIM card into your iPhone and go to Settings > Messages. Turn off iMessage on your iPhone.

5. Clear Message App Cache

Messages, like any other app, stores data on your phone to function properly. Over time, this data can become corrupt and result in errors, such as the one you’re experiencing with the Samsung Messages app not sending texts.

To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

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1. Open Settings and navigate to Apps.

2. Search for Messages and open the app.

7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error

Step 2: Tap on Storage and at the bottom, you will find two options to Clear data and Clear cache.

7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error

That won’t delete your messages or any personal data. You can safely do it for this app and others too.

6. Reset Network Settings

Resetting Network Settings deletes saved Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, VPN, and mobile network details. No other personal data is affected. Mobile network details are automatically installed via the messaging app. You need to manually reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and Bluetooth devices. Note down the Wi-Fi passwords beforehand.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to General management > Reset > Reset network settings. Tap the blue Reset settings button and confirm if prompted.

7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error7 Best Ways to Fix Samsung Messages Not Sending Error

Relaunch the Samsung Messages app after ensuring a good network connection and signal, for it will set itself up.

7. Use Third-Party App

We love using SMS Organizer by Microsoft at GT. The app has many useful features, including copying OTP from notifications, setting reminders, creating message folders, receiving automatic bill payment reminders, and more. It has a Gmail-like interface that filters messages into different tabs based on content. Check it out!

Resume Texting

Samsung Messages app has improved and now offers similar features as other messaging apps. It’s important to have alternatives for emergencies or when the app isn’t functioning. If the problem persists, contact your service provider or visit their branch. Formatting isn’t necessary but feel free to try it. Make sure to backup everything before proceeding. Next, are you a mobile gamer? Learn some of the best tricks and settings of Samsung Game Launcher by clicking on the link below. Game better.

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