5 Best Ways to Fix Can’t Open Files in OneDrive Error in Windows

5 Best Ways to Fix Can’t Open Files in OneDrive Error in Windows

People use OneDrive to store and save files in all formats. Microsoft offers OneDrive integration to save Word, Excel, and other Office suite files. It’s important to use OneDrive if you want access to these files wherever you are. However, some users found they couldn’t open files saved in OneDrive and wanted to know why. We will explain the issue and how to fix it.

Where you use the OneDrive app is crucial as it supports popular desktop and mobile platforms. First, troubleshoot your internet connectivity to ensure the network is working properly. Let’s get started.

1. Files On-Demand

OneDrive’s Files On-Demand feature saves device storage by only downloading files when opened, requiring an active internet connection. To ensure access to important files offline, mark them as ‘Always keep on this device’ by right-clicking and selecting the option. You’ll see a green checkmark indicating local availability.

To remove the file from your hard disk, select the ‘Free up space’ option in the right-click menu.

The download time depends on your internet connection speed and the file size.

2. Storage Sense

This is a Windows feature. The objective is for Microsoft to save storage space on your computer using a feature called Windows Storage Sense. Here’s what Microsoft says:

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There are two checkmarks, one green and one white. You want the white one because Storage Sense will automatically delete files with the green checkmark after some time to save space. Right-click on the file and select ‘Always keep on this device’ to save it offline.

If you’re confused, you can turn off Storage Sense and manage space yourself. Go to Settings > System > Storage.

Storage Sense runs periodically, and when your computer is low on storage space. OneDrive will set an online-only view for any files you haven’t accessed in the past 30 days until you have enough space.

Users of Windows and Android platforms should be familiar with the issues that can arise from cache and old data files. The same applies to Chrome/Chromium or other browsers. We have previously discussed how to clear cache and data for Chrome, Windows, and Android at GT. Normally, we don’t discuss clearing cache files on iOS, as there is no way to do so. Apple devices are efficient due to their app management system. However, OneDrive has introduced a feature within the app that allows users to clear cache, which is quite convenient.

5 Best Ways to Fix Can’t Open Files in OneDrive Error in Windows

It only takes a few moments to sign out of your OneDrive account. Please ensure that you have your login details ready.

4. Permission Revoked

Do you have access to the file? It’s possible that the creator revoked access, but it’s still showing in your OneDrive folders. Send a message to the owner to confirm. Clear cache and other data that may be responsible for the file still showing in your folder.

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5. Reset OneDrive on Windows

This action will not delete any saved or shared files in your OneDrive. It will resolve common errors, such as the inability to open saved files. Follow these steps: Step 1: Press Windows key+R to open the Run command. Type the command: %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe /reset.

5 Best Ways to Fix Can’t Open Files in OneDrive Error in Windows

This process may take a few moments, but you will need to sign back into your OneDrive account after the reset. The OneDrive cloud icon will disappear briefly from the System Tray but reappear once the command is finished. You can manually launch OneDrive from the Start menu if the icon does not reappear. A quick reboot should resolve this issue.

One Life, One Love, One Drive

Microsoft wants Windows users to use OneDrive, which is why it is difficult to uninstall. Long-time Office users will feel at home, and I like the Personal Vault feature.

I store important stuff on both OneDrive and Google Drive. You can also split or backup files across multiple cloud storage services.

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