TwoThirds.US is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization dedicated to identifying issues upon which a super majority can agree, and motivating our elected representatives to actually represent us with their votes and support.

While the hardware and software behind belong to “the operation,” the ‘operation’ belongs to you, the membership of the TwoThirds. You will decide the features we add or remove. The content direction of all discussions is yours to determine, within the guidelines implied by our mission statement.

 ”To Find Common Ground Upon Which to Act for the Common Good” 

We will be publishing our financial, and pertinent correspondence online, “in the cloud.” All financial and operational information will be public and available for examination by the members at any time. will be operated in the same open atmosphere in which we want our operate.

Since the TwoThirds agree that the almighty Dollar wields far too much power and influence in decision making, we will be capping individual donations at $100.00

The privacy of our membership is also an absolute. Only ‘generic’ member information required for login, and the information that YOU choose to share in your profile is stored online.

The identities of all individual donors will be kept confidential. The contribution limit is the same for companies and other organizations, except coprorate and organizational donors will have their names published in our financial disclosures, while individual donors will not. (Unless they expressly wish to be acknowledged.)

Contributions are processed through a secure, trusted, third-party clearing house. No one at ever sees or has access to any of your credit card, PayPalâ„¢ or other financial information.

In addition, should we receive any personally identifiable information that is pertinent to our relationship with individual members it will not be stored online. Printed correspondence and digitally stored information will be protected, redacted and/or destroyed as soon as it is no longer required to serve your wishes. All such information will be completely and permanently destroyed upon instructions from the member.

Please see our Privacy Statement for more details.


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